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The Small Business Syllabus

The Bench Small Business Syllabus is an educational platform that aims to help entrepreneurs achieve financial independence.

Written content on the Syllabus demystifies complex financial topics into simple language, providing small business owners with easy-to-follow guides on tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and financial growth.

When I joined Bench, the Syllabus was dead in the water. Hidden deep in the depths of, it lacked a CMS, thoughtful design, and effective content. Recognizing the platform's potential as a brand, acquisition, and sales tool, we slated a revamp of the platform mid 2016.

The primary challenge we faced was to design an effective platform that housed educational content on topics that our target audience, for the most part, found largely unappealing.

We leveraged three key elements to distinguish the Syllabus and its contents from other branded content platforms:

→ Editorialized look-and-feel
→ High-quality writing
→ Uncluttered design

Revamping the Syllabus and refocusing content strategy on the needs of Bench's users has affected a 227% YOY increase in organic traffic.

The Syllabus is now the primary generator of organic traffic and content lead gen for Bench.

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