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My First Bomb

by | Dec 11, 2018

Guys. It finally happened. I bombed on stage this week. Haaaaaaard!

It was hilarious. Cringeworthy. And it taught me a LOT.

Instead of sitting at home and wishing I could die in a hole, I figured it would make good fodder for the first ep. of Making It.

I filmed this video as soon as I got home from The Bomb (gotta catch those moments when you’re literally riddled with shame while they’re fresh, y’know?). In it, I share the story of how it all went down, along with some of the things I got out of the experience.

I’m a noob. So my advice isn’t comprehensive by any means.

If you’ve got some field-tested advice on processing a comedy bomb, please fire away in the comments section below.


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