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First things first…

…isn’t “McCool” the most ridiculous surname ever? 

I’ve had a couple of job interviews that started with “Well we just love your made-up name.”

To confirm: it’s real. I swear.

Enehoo, long story short…

I’m a writer who decided to become a stand up comic. (I know… groundbreaking, right?)

I once heard someone say that comedy was a great tool to help people deal with “the torrent of bullshit” that life throws at each of us. I couldn’t agree more.

So I share writing and videos to help people laugh more and worry less.

I hope my work puts a spring in your step while you wade through your own “torrent of bullshit”.

I hope that me publicly failing my way into comedy somehow encourages you to set aside your fears and pursue your own dreams.

And, because I am capitalist scum and I need to support my Starbucks addiction, I hope this site makes people want to buy my shit when I actually have some shit to buy.

(Side note: if you do buy my shit—thank you very much for supporting me.)

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